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BUCINI is more than just a brand, it represents the philosophy of an authenticity and a real manifestation of a traditional craft. BUCINI still made wholeheartedly by hand and produced entirely using best genuine leather. Exclusive leather tannery process lasts for weeks to get an authentic appearance of itself. 

BUCINI has long last durability, the more you used it the more you can see the unique pattern of our product. The flexibility, the shine, and the leather’s patina are getting real every day. 

Just like our fingerprints, not even a single finger had the same fingerprint! BUCINI is unique, there’s no product that exact same one another. 

By taking up the whole attention to making a real, functional, and stylish real leather, BUCINI has established itself in a relatively short time as a leading brand in this sector.


Every collection has a different pattern and different characteristics. No two products are the same. 

  • Made by hand, embrace the art of Indonesian traditional craft 
  • Best product with classic and elegant design
  • Highlighting the beauty of  genuine leather yet stylish.



Like fingerprints, each collection has a different grain pattern and characteristics. No two products are the same.

  • Handmade traditional Indonesia craftsmanship
  • Best leather product with classic and elegance design
  • The beauty of leather provides comfort and style


Bucini is the best place for you to find traditional leather collections.

Build Quality
Design and Uniqueness
Comfort and Elegance

Bucini Knowledge Base

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Our product has been recognized as a world class product. Most of the products of Bucini exported to Europe and Australia and will continue to expand wider with the growth of the company and product quality improvement.


The production process begin with preparation of the materials. The main material is leather which specially selected and treated by skilled personnel before proceeding to the next stage

The flow of the preparation stage shown above.


After the materials are selected according to the needs, everything is assembled one by one with great detail. All processing is done by hand with environmentally friendly processes.


After all processes have been completed. The products get the final touch with a soft polish, and ready to be displayed and packaged for shipment to various destinations, including overseas.

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